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Frühjahr 2017 - Neue Projekte
07 April 2017

Hallo Freunde, da bin ich wieder mit neu erstellten Projekten. Sie finden diese alle unter den Wandbehängen - "alle Vögel sind schon da" so geht es doch in einem  bekannten Volkslied. Dann wäre noch(etwas verspätet) der November Blues und dann der Muschelreigen. Das Arbeitsbild Muschelreigen finden Sie in der Galerie unter den "Vorlagen - Arbeitsbild"

Viel Spaß beim Anschauen und herzlichen Gruß

P.S. 12.05. 2017   -    ich habe noch 2 neue Projekte - Irritationen und Blaue Würfel - eingesellt.

Ihre /Eure Sigi








Welcome at Sigis Patchworkcorner

ImageMy name is Sigrid Dietsch (born 1943) and I live in Flensburg, Germany.

More than 40 years ago I started tailoring as a hobby and over the years I tailored and sometimes even designed most of my own clothes. After I ended my professional life in 2000, I was looking for a new challenge. A patchwork-exhibition in our local court (in 2000) with quite ambitious works was the jump-start for me to take a closer look at patchworking and quilting.

From time to time my works are now on display at exhibits and arts & crafts fairs in and around Flensburg.

Flensburg Fjord
After a lot of template works, I tried some own designs.
My first design was the "Patchwork Owl", another one the collage of the "Flensburg fjord". Besides my 3rd big design - the "caleidoscpoe" bedspread - you'll have the opportunity to take a look at other samples of my work in the gallery.
If you are interested in my works, please contanct me.
I hope you enjoy you stay here
yours Sigi
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